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V-moda m100?

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Hello head-fi! This is my first post. I am reaching out to the forums to ask about the v-moda m100s I am wondering if (for a college student) these worth the $300? If not are there any other headphones (over ear) that are $300 or less that give you the best bang for your buck? I'm hoping any suggestions will be portable( like the v-MODAS) as I will be taking them around campus. Thanks!!!
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It is probably worth it from what I've read around here.

Also consider AKG K545, Momentum On-ear, Momentum Over-ear, Beyerdynamic T50p, HD25-1 II, and ATH-M50.  :evil:

Actually, just read reviews on all of these and see which is more to your liking and preferences in music.

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It really depends on your wanting it for the bass.

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