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I'm thinking of purchasing the AKG K451's, but do they suit the terrible reviews or the great ones?

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I have previously owned the AKG K430's, and for the price I paid I was impressed by the sound quality. The highs and mids came through clearly enough for me (admittedly they're not the most crisp headphones ever, but great for the price I paid of £30), but there was just a little more bass coming through, which I personally like a lot - bass was however far from over the top. The problem with these was the comfort on the top of my head and the general durability. I could cope with wearing them for up to an hour, but there was virtually no padding on the top and it would eventually begin to be literally unbearable around the headband. Comfort around the ears was, however, bearable for a couple of hours, which was fine by me. The problem with durability wasn't the build of the main body of the headphones, as they were strong enough for my use, but it was:

a) the earcups - their coating wore away and now they're just uncoated, thin and vulnerable fabric


b) the cable - it lasted something like two years, but was ruined after that. I understand that the K451s come with two cables, so if one breaks I can just insert another, and if that one also breaks I'm sure I can find an appropriate replacement.


What I'm looking for in my next pair of headphones is something with a slightly more comfortable headband (I understand the K451s come with more substantial padding), a replaceable cable, and good sound, with nice bass response but crisp *enough* mids and highs - I certainly want to be getting pretty crisp mids and highs for a pair of 'phones in their price range. As far as price range goes I think where the K451s stand is where I'm at. I want them to be fairly stylish too.


I thought I ought to ask here as there seem to be very mixed reviews, from "the absolute best for this price" to "the absolute worst for this price", with nowhere in between.


So, after owning the AKG K430s, will I be as pleased with the sound of the K451s (ideally a little more pleased as I'll be paying about £50-£60 rather than £30) but more impressed by the cable/headband-cushioning/earcup-coating?

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They are irrelevant if you can get yourself a Martin Logan Mikros 90 for your price range. Owned the K422, K430, had the Q460(Quincy Jones version 450) on loan and the Logan's are just better in most if not all aspects. 

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Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately, although they look like some very classy headphones with very crisp mids and highs and also very comfortable and well made, they appear to be extremely difficult to find in the UK. I have only found one sale, which was on eBay, which has ended anyway.
I also fear that, upon reading reviews, they might lack that bass response I'm looking for. No I'm not a bass-head, but I certainly love a lot of bass when appropriate.
They look well suited to sitting back and listening to some more relaxing music, or genres like jazz (from what I've picked up from reviews anyway) which is something I don't actually often use my headphones for (as much as I do love some jazz).
They look like great headphones though and if you can confirm that they'll give me some powerful bass when appropriate I'll have to try to find a way to hear them and get hold of a pair.
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They have more bass than the K430 but less than the 450/451 etc. Better quality and better extension than either. Some impact that the K430 lacked but again less than the 450/451/460. A phone like the Q460 which lacks some treble accentuates the bass and the bass is more all the time than "when appropriate". The Mikros is more recording dependent and can resolve varying amounts in stage size,  impact, and differentiate tone/timbre in notes more like a regular large headphone. They do just make it to "reference quality" sound that is great for the footprint/size and those AKG's are not. Possibly the K545 gets close to what the Mikros can do but those are larger. The Mikros should be fine if you are running unamped. Those who don't get much bass seem to be running them off of amped decently balanced rigs. With more juice they tighten up more in the bass which is where some want more and they start to do the mods you can read about. Some of those seem easy and give more bass so your not stuck. Either not an issue or solvable. The biggest issue may be finding one for yourself.  

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So, in summary, if I want a clear, defined sound, but with a little more bass than the K430, the K451 might just about satisfy me but the Mikros 90 will be a much better choice, giving me a mid-point between the three of them for bass, but bringing me superior clarity to both of the other two?
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