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Looking for Headphones around $200-$300

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Hey I've been researching some good headphones to buy. Keep in mind I'm not an audiophile, and I listen to a wide variety of music; Alternative, Rap, Dubstep/Electro, and a little bit of rock. I want headphones capable of some good bass that you can feel, and some nice clean highs and mids. I want a pair of headphones I can wear and look stylish, without having terrible headphones like Beats. I am open to On Ear and Over ear, but I don't want too much sound leakage, and I want good passive noise-cancelling. The cost can vary but not too far above the range of $300. I want quality headphones; Durability is of course a given quality I want, along with comfort, compactness, style, and of course sound quality. I also enjoy qualities like in line mics and controls, wireless capabilities, and removable cables. Furthermore, I would like headphones that do not need any sort of amplifier, just directly from a 3.5 mm jack on my iPod or computer.


I've been looking into a few pairs of headphones including:

Sennheiser Momentum (Both on ear and Over Ear) - Love the style and hear great things about quality, also like the in-line mic and controls.

ATH-M50X - Awesome Compact folding, hear excellent things about comfort and sound quality for such a great price. However, there is no in-line mic/control.

ATH-WS99 - The quality seems amazing and I'm a big fan of heavy bass sound with good clarity.

Crossfade M-100 - The Style is awesome, and the customizable plates make it great too. I've also heard awesome reviews on the sound quality.



                                      THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY HEADPHONES I WANT FEEDBACK ON.

                              Please leave suggestions on other headphones that fit the characteristics I want too.

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Also look at the AKG K545 or Senn Amperior.
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Amperior/HD25-1 and T50p will be best for passive noise-cancellation.

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After doing some on and off research for the past week, I think I have to go with the V-Moda Crossfade M-100. Thank you for the suggestions. The Sennheiser Amperior was definitely a strong competitor, but the M-100 won simply because overall, they're a more casual pair of headphones. They also have very strong bass which I'm a very big fan of, and the customizable plates are an amazing idea; definitely getting a set of custom plates. Furthermore, they are very compact, have good isolation, lack of sound leakage, are pretty comfortable (Especially since you can change the ear cups), and are built like a tank. Lastly, they come with some really cool accessories and features which I'm a big fan of for casual listening. There is a removable cable, an in line mic, controls, an addable BoomPro Mic for gaming, capability of daisy chaining, compact folding, and more; its hard to write down all the cool features of these headphones. In conclusion, compared to all the suggestions and other options, I've chosen these headphones, as they have all of these features while still having great sound quality and style.

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