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For Sale:
Audeze LCD-3 Package (Headphone Stand + Norse Audio Cable) - MINT

Will Ship To: Canada

******FULL IMAGE GALLERY: **********

****Only Norse Cable left. Offering a mint condition for $120 - save over 50% off and months of waiting.

So basically what I'm selling is a LCD-3 package, which includes:

- Mint LCD-3: No scratches, dents or any type of disfiguration of any kind. I gave the cans a good stare for 2 mins going over every millimetre and couldn't find any flaws. The pads are fully fluffed and show no sign of any stress. I conditioned them every 3-4 months. Same goes for the wood rings. Barely left them in sunlight. Also kept the rings polished every 4 months or so. The headband is also in perfect condition as I always had the Beyer headband on top of it. SOLD!!!

- Audeze Balanced 4 pin XLR Cable - Stock cable. Used occasionally at first. SOLD!!!

- Audeze Single Ended 1/4" Cable - Stock cable. Unused. Still in bag. SOLD!!!

- Headphone Lounge Balanced 4 pin XLR Silver Cable - One thing I can say about both these custom cables is that they offer better transparency over the stock cable. This one cost me around $180 because I ordered a few adapters as well to keep the price down. Very lightweight and tangle free at the same time. SOLD!!!

- Norse Audio Single Ended Copper Cable (1/4") - Really sweet looking and sounding cable. Definitely a good alternative to silver depending on rig. This one also went somewhere around $$250. So fancy that it came with it's own documentation. It is a 8 foot SE Norse 4 conductor nrs-up-occ, it has a nice rosewood splitter that matches the headphones well

- Warranty and FR Graphs (includes stickers as well) SOLD!!!

- Wood Kit and cleaning cloth SOLD!!!

- Audeze Travel Case - I never actually ended up using this case for travelling. It just sat in the Audeze box in my basement. SOLD!!!

- Room Headphone Stand Zebrano - This matches the Audeze wood PERFECTLY. Not even a little shade off. It's a solid match. Perfect condition, no scratches dents or anything. Also kept the wood on this polished every few months. So the colour is retained perfectly like the LCD-3 wood rings. Retails for around $100. SOLD!!!

Reason for selling: speakers are getting majority of my time, so best to pass it off to someone that will make better use of it. Love the sound.

All of this brand new would cost you at least $2500 here in Canada. Getting everything in like new condition while saving $700.

Preference will be given to someone here locally. Either around Mississauga or Hamilton as I go back and forth between these two places. If I do ship elsewhere in Canada, then shipping and paypal fees will be extra. Also the headphone stand won't be included as it just can't fit into the box without getting a bigger box and driving the prices high for both of us. Price will of course be lowered in that scenario.

I would really like to sell this as one package and not split stuff up.

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