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CAL! 2 vs A700x

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Can you compare these two in the following categories ?


Bass: Which one is bassier


Soundstage: which one has the better soundstage


Isolation: which one isolates better .....


fun: which one is more fun to listen to






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CAL2 is nothing special in soundstaging, A700X is most likely better.  I'm reading that A700X is not very strong in bass, while CAL2 is.  CAL2 is certainly fun, but I wouldn't know how much more versus a headphone that I've only read about, but generally, bassier headphones tend to be more fun, so you can safely assume CAL2 is more fun to listen to music with.  Isolation is okay on the CAL2, and I really doubt A700X isolates much.

If you go for CAL2, swapping the earpads with SRH750DJ pads will improve bass and soundstaging a bit.

You can improve CAL2's isolation a little bit by bending the headband for a tighter fit.  You won't manage to make it too tight, nor will you break the headband as its backbone is metal.

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Thank you for your response, I already have the A700x . I am looking for a closed headphone that isolates well with bass and soundstage that is good for gaming.... budget is under 150 bucks

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