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For Sale:
SPL Phonitor Black w/ Original Box

Will Ship To: US

I was desperate for amplification for my recent acquisition of HD800s and ended up with both the HDVD800 and Phonitor. I can't justify keeping both and the convenience of the Sennheiser amp earns its place on my bedside table. 


The Phonitor is mint and was used by the previous owner for about a year by the previous owner in a home environment. I have had it for less than a week for ABing against the Sennheiser and It compares favorably against the single ended output of the Sennheiser and very nearly as entertaining a listen as the balanced output of the Sennheiser. If I had an adequate DAC as a source rather than the one box Sennheiser, I might have tried selling it instead. 


I realize I don't have any feedback on here yet, I am a long time lurker on head-fi and have just recently decided to punt the wallet on the gear I have been lusting after for years now. 


 I will cover shipping (continental US only) and paypal fees. 


Cheers, Will. 


EDIT: Price lowered again. Added crappy cellphone pics. 

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