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For Sale: NEW opened box KEF M200

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$140 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
NEW opened box KEF M200

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is a pair of M200 by KEF. They are never used(or I believe I used it to make sure it was working). As you can see on the pictures, the plastic on metal pieces are not even taken off. The ear tips package is not opened as well.


NOTE: the comply tips does not come with the headphone, if you would like(I strongly recommended as the foam tips are really amazing in providing the maximum comfort), please add $20. These are the Comply ear tips Tx-500 Isolation Plus (sells for $20+shipping).


It's $140+shipping. Vancouver shipping is $8, Canada shipping is about $12 and USA is about $18, other places please PM me your country for rate! Please use gifted or please add 3% for PayPal fee! :)


Again, if you have been reading reviews of M200, they are definitely one of the best for sub $200 in ears, I absolutely love them! :D


Please let me know if you have any questions!!!! :D and NO TRADES please, sorry! ><


Back story

I purchased these from a head-fier a few months ago and the driver on the right side went out after a month. KEF was kind enough to take it and give me a replacement. This was a known issue for the first patch of the headphones and this replacement unit was from the newest patches, which should eliminate the problem(told from one of the replacement department manager). During the process I purchased the UE900 and I liked it more than the M200, therefore I have not used the M200 since.

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Will they be under warranty, do u have receipt?
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Originally Posted by freeone-j View Post

Will they be under warranty, do u have receipt?

I can provide you with the original receipt from the person who purchased it.
And It should still be under warranty. Thanks! :)

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