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grr blah

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Originally Posted by pbui44 View Post

Wow, my HD580s reunited with its younger siblings. Pictures showed more of a family reunion than an audio meet. *Sniffle* wink.gif

Hmmm... my EQ screen is reminding me to put my Darth Beyer V4s back on my ears. Glad to see lord_tris extend the HD580's legacy onward. Seeing the box my stuff came with, was there a lot of Siriracha hot sauce available? And no, onward is not a preposition. biggrin.gif


Yes they are.  I got them new pads the day I got them and then new grills on the day of the meet. The family was happy except the HD600 needs pads badly they are like flat tires. 


I am glad that you are enjoying the DBv4's I know that I did. 


The box was mailed to me personally I do not like the sauce. 

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I quite enjoyed the HE-500s. Before the meet I'd never heard them before and I really enjoyed their sound. It's pushing me towards buying the HE-400i when they come out, since they're said to sound similar and be easier to drive, lighter, and more comfortable. That said, I had no issue whatsoever with the weight of the 500's; I found them comfortable as is. I also enjoyed listening to the K712, they had a wonderful sound and made me miss my old AKGs. I still think they sound almost identical to the 65th Anniversaries that I've heard before, and while I preferred the blue of the Annies, I also liked the orange on the 712.


It was great seeing familiar faces and meeting new people, always a blast. It's also wonderful knowing that I share interests beyond audio with several people. I'm already looking forward to the next meet. I'm starting to build up my high-res music collection so I'll have more to really show off the new toys that I'll have. And I'm looking to get a nice external flash for the camera to get photos that don't look like crap.


Thanks so much to Jason for throwing another fun meet. I hope the next one is as fun as this was.

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Heh heh, plenty of vivid pictures... *Blarrrgghh!*

Great to see my old cans partying with sibling cans. Any twilight-zone-experiences during listening? Post away! Please do not leave deets. biggrin.gif
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Damn, missed it.

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Subscribe to the Ohio Head-Fiers and don't miss the future meets! If we can get enough people interested we may be able to move to a larger venue and potentially even get industry people to attend. Local shops, manufacturers, etc...


Let's put a meet together that can rival the likes of the San Francisco Bay meet!

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Alright guys, it's

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Fair warning: these are high res, so when you click them they may zoom in like whoa.  Kept preview size small so this post wouldn't be enormous.  For the next meet I need to bring a wider angle lens.  I had my back to the wall for half of these and couldn't get everything in the picture.


It was great to see everyone again and likewise great to meet some new folks.  Hopefully as word spreads we'll get even more people and variety of gear at the next one so we can do even more listening comparisons and suck more people deeper into the whirlpool of this headphone hobby of ours.


Thanks to Jason for throwing another winner of a meet and I look forward to the next big one and whatever other mini meets happen between now and then.


Also, that last picture is a gift.  Yes, that's Eee Pee wearing HD650s on top of HD580s.  I think it was some sort of unorthodox listening test.  It was really late by that point and your guess is as good as mine.

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There was/is a fella on Head-Fi that goes by iPodPJ (I think) that made a thread about putting 650s on top of 800s and saying it was fantastic.  In light of that, I did what I did.  :D


We gotta get you in better focus, Alex, you're a hair blurry.

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i noticed that with he pics to. :) 


Manual focus is hard to master 


That or to many drinks of the yummy courage drink made you move at the last second or confused on what to focus on. 

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Dang...wish I could have made it.....I just bought some hD650's and I would have loved to hear them with the BHC.

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I think it's because I was trying to avoid using flash so I had a wider aperture setting which makes everything not directly in focus look more blurry.  I think it'll turn out better next time if I just bite the bullet and use the built-in flash with a narrower aperture.  Still getting the hang of this camera...


Also, Cory what was the other band aside from Local Natives we were listening to when we were doing the Vali vs Mjolnir comparison near the end of the night?  I'm trying to remember and I can't.  I remember the CD was in a cardboard thing instead of a jewel case, but that's about it.

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Might have been Alt-J, Bon Iver or Volcano Choir.  Maybe something else.

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Pretty sure you ran off with Volcano Choir and alt j when disappeared to the living room. 

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I'm coming to the next one! If space ends up being a problem at your house, I've got access to a rather large office space here in Cincinnati. Probably a bit more difficult for our friends up north of Columbus but can fit at least 40-50 people and gear.

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