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Going from FX700 to IE800

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I am thinking about going from my current FX700 to IE800. I am powering from Iphone 5s. I can get the IE800's new for $650. Are the IE800's worth the money coming from my FX700's. What should I expect as far as sound differences between the two?



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Why not get the jvc hafx850 instead😎
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I had the 700 a few years back and I just had the ie800, from memory, the ie800 whooped the jvc on everything other than Soundstage and timbre. You'll find your mids super recessed against the ie800 which has very good mids. Highs and mids I can't remember how good they were on the jvc but I remember that to me, the timbre stood out the most.
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FX700 have more bass impact, slightly more punchy (less accurate but never sounds muddy nonetheless) but warmer and significantly more veiled midrange, highs are better on the FX700`s in my opinion but ie800`s are great too, just too thin for my liking. If you like your vocals go for the ie800`s, if not the FX700`s are very nice, they tend to put instruments in front. The difference in sq will depend on your preferences.

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ie800 seems overpriced and overated - why not try re-600 ? at 400$ people say it's better than the typically overpriced senheiser iem(s)

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You can get the ie800 for much lower than the sticker price. Above the $500 threshold, I personally feel that diminishing returns are very present, especially at the retail price. If you put in some work, you can get almost any earphone at a discounted price, whether you wait for a sale or contact a dealer directly.
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Thank you all for the reply. I think I might wait for the reviews to come out on the FX850 and see what that might offer over the fx700.

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I'll be getting the fx850 this week so I'll let you know how they stack up to my cardas em5813
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Thank you! Did you purchase off Ebay?

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I bought it from for $433
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Come on lazy git! it' s been two hours already and still no impressions?

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Hires it is and its slaughters the cardas,xba4,za doppios,fostex te05...etc.😲...while retaining naturalness and amazingly organic timbres😍😢😲
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