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For Sale: Audez'e LCD-2 Rev. 1 [UK/EU]

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For Sale:
Audez'e LCD-2 Rev. 1 [UK/EU]

Will Ship To: UK/EU

Reluctantly and despite many happy hours together, I can no longer justify holding on to my LCD-2s. They're revision 1 phones with the original foam headband, included is the wooden presentation box, oil and cloth cleaning pad, individualised frequency response chart and documentation.


I bought them as second owner in January 2012, the seller indicated that they were purchased direct from Audez'e in April 2011 but had only been used for around 50 hours up to the point of sale. In my possession they were my primary headphone used daily for about the first year of ownership but have only had very sporadic use over the past year.


They're in excellent condition, and although they're obviously not as new and shiny as they once were, on inspection I can only see a couple of tiny flaws on the wood and metalwork. The pads are maybe beginning to look a bit misshapen, with some creases and a couple of very light scuffs. Unfortunately the (extremely lavish) case has a small dent that has penetrated the veneer plus couple of much shallower ones, and also a slight scuff on one of the corners (not pictured).


If you have any questions about the photos or want to see more then let me know.


Although I don't have any kind of proof of original purchase, Audez'e were happy to repair them under warranty in July 2012 when the left driver developed a fault. They said that the serial number indicated they were still covered by the 3-year warranty from original purchase, and even paid the return shipping, marking them as warranty repair to avoid attracting customs charges. Presumably this will remain valid until April of this year, though they haven't skipped a beat since the repair.


I'm looking for SOLD delivered by tracked and insured courier in the UK, with extra at cost for Royal Mail Special Delivery (about £10 more because they're over 2kg including the case) or overseas within the EU. This reflects the substantial premium they invariably attract in Europe because of the costs of importing, but I'm very much open to negotiation. I'd prefer not to send outside the EU at the moment but may reconsider.


Bank transfer or PayPal gift at asking price, or if you'd rather not gift then we can split the fees.

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