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Recommend this Ety lover his first headphone!

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Forgive me for being a newbie to audiophile terms. 

Found myself interested in audio after i broke my previous IEM, and got to try and bought an Ety HF5. Never regretted that decision. I've always thought that while the etys gives clear and realistic sound while throwing in details, though it was a very 'in-your-head' experience. When listening to acoustic/orchestral music i.e. best music, instruments seem to come from the x and y axis (or are my ears defective, lol)

I listen to mostly electronica (specifically trance and prog house), but I do not enjoy bass taking center stage. I like a clean, light/shy bass, but that does not mean that I like mid or treble-centric headphones. I just prefer a sound with less emphasis on bass.

I think a headphone will give me the solution to this problem. Yet, choosing my first headphone is also another big dilemma.


I am planning to use this 1 headphone for quite some time, and at home only.

I currently use a Schiit Magni/Modi and a HF5, the latter specifically for portable use.

I am not looking to blow my life savings for a SR-009 or something similar, but something a student could buy. Key point is, price-performance ratio is an important factor.

Order of preference for a headphone: Sound Quality/Signature > Comfort >= Isolation > Build Quality  >>>>>> Looks


Anything sounding similar to the ety sound signature would be good; something edging between analytical and neutral, clear, accurate, detailed sound. Something excellent for background listening.

So far what I have tried with transparent amps and also didn't like:





Other non-memorable headphones.

Found the k702 and ad700/900x too bright for my tastes. The trebles were too shrill and overpowering. Maybe a warmer amp will help? I quite liked the K702 soundstage, albeit strange.

The beyers sounded.. fake. Also could not accommodate space for my head while wearing spectacles.

Sennheisers were the closest to the sound I was looking for, but the veil is too thick and the detail retrieval isn't fantastic. (could I be confusing treble presence and detail?) Soundstage still feels 'in-your-head', to a less extent.

Right now, I am looking at the out-of-production MDR-SA5000, though I am very very worried about the crazy treble I have heard about it. The Magni/Modi I have with me will definitely not help with that. While also very detailed, the ability to rip unprofessionally mastered songs apart scares me since, well, I have 320kbps mp3 files as 75% of my songs. Also unable to audition this pair of headphones, I am very unwilling to dive into uncharted waters, paying at least 400+ USD for a used pair.


Since I am only going to use this while on the computer for extended periods of time, comfort is quite crucial.


Open-back is much more preferred over closed-back, due to ventilation and the necessity of little isolation.


Build quality should be decent. Removable cables are always a plus!


Looks are additional perks. The better looking it is, the happier I am. Its that simple. 


That's my stringent (hopefully not impossible to meet) criteria.

Could any headphone out there fit that? Fellow head-fiers, I would love to hear suggestions from you. 

Recommend, surprise and educate this under-informed man.

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How does a Joseph Grado Model HPA-1 suit you?

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