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Give me your Riddim, and I Give you Ska!

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We need a Ska/Reaggae thread... so let's start if off with some of my favorites! 



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I was watching TV in 1980 when The Specials did "Gangsters" on Saturday Night Live... :D



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I'm in.  My first ever concert was The Specials in Swindon, just after the release of More Specials.  After that it was The Selecter, also in Swindon.  One of my best ever concerts was Madness at Irving Plaza, NYC.  Amazing to see them in such a small venue...   

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Great documentary here...


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oh the memories ;-)... I worked with my late uncle providing the PA for Laural Aitken "the godfather of ska" as he lived local, never got tired at his gigs ! so much energy and so many singles this guy was a human dynamo,




Also this documentary has a snippet of Laural in, and is interesting if your from the midlands UK   



SPECTRUM - The History Of Black Music In Leicester 


This is a documentary film that explores Leicester’s black music heritage. WARNING - contains some swearing.


The film was launched as part of Black History Season 2013, at Leicester’s Curve Theatre -

Spectrum tracks the city’s history of ska, soul, disco, reggae, R&B, gospel, drum 'n' bass, hip hop and ‘urban’ over the last 40 years. It covers singers, bands, DJ’s, sound systems, dancers, musicians and record labels, with exclusive interviews from people who were there ‘back in the day’.

Artists interviewed for the film include reggae DJ’s Junior Blues and Skully, singer Carol Leeming, Jazz DJ Tony Minvielle, Producer and entrepreneur DJSS, Classic Groove DJ Collective and soul/ funk band Saquii.

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Nice! Stuff :D Glad we got some moment going on this thread ^^


Found a band named Squid 58, good stuff, the mastering is a little flat but let's hope their next album is a little more spaced out! 


Also any one know where I can get some Busters Allstars? 

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Today's recommended album - UB40's "Signing Off"


I listened to it twice today, on the way to work on UE900s, and on the way back on B&W P7s.  Both times it sounded fantastic.  If you can forgive some tape print-through.  Go listen, and remember the good old days before UB40 became a cheesy karaoke covers band.


I think the bass wobbled my head today.  Tomorrow I'm planning on listening to Grace Jones' "Compass Point Sessions" 

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Alton Ellis



Freddie McGregor


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Even at his old age Alton Ellis can still sing.



Maxi Priest


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These guys... are just wonderful! More Reggae than Ska but... it's fun! So here it is :D 

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this 55 min mix tape cost mighty crown the price of a decent sports car ! quality of recording is rubbish but the tunes are sound boy killers ! 


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Originally Posted by Depechetraff View Post

Great documentary here...



Thanks for that post. I had not seen that. :smile: 

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Originally Posted by StratocasterMan View Post


Really like that song, really hate the like 6 remixes that exist for it 

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