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For Sale: FS AKG K495 NC EU/Worldwide

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For Sale:
FS AKG K495 NC EU/Worldwide

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am still trying to consolidate my collection, these are some of the last ones I am letting go.


These have been used 5 or 6 times, when traveling. They are some of the best noisecanceling headphones I have heard! In terms of SQ these are close to the Senn HD25, but the build is incredible and the NC works wonders on the plane, train etc. They are also quite compact and come in a really nice transport case.




They are like new, but I bought them as defective. Here is why, there was simple short in the plug that goes into the headphone, the molded jack has a nice aluminium housing, but the wire underneath was touching the aluminium, so the sound would cut out now and then. This was easy fix, I pulled of the aluminium housing and put some heat shrink over it :) Its actually barely visible, but I do think AKG will send you a new cable, I just never bothered :)


I can ship worldwide but would prefer shipping in the EU.


Any questions, please mail me on techtrino at gmail dot com - for some reason not all PMs seem to trigger an email alert so...

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Sold at 125 euro :)

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