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For Sale: FS AKG K501, EU/Worldwide

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For Sale:
FS AKG K501, EU/Worldwide

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am still trying to consolidate my collection, these are some of the last ones I am letting go. I have had the whole "old" range from 3 pairs of K1000 down to K400. The K501 are a special breed, they sound great, are easy on your ears (no fatigue etc) - but I quess you can search in here and find out for yourself :)


Pics: https://plus.google.com/photos/114615873892048639619/albums/5983595148622094577


They are in great condition really, but they do have a few minor cosmetics damages :( The gold ring has two minor scruffs (on each cup) - see the pics. This is nothing major, you wont see it unless you know its there actually.


Then the former owner somehow broke the strainrelief of the connector and tried to fix it with glue - the cable has no damage etc, so its only cosmetic and a easy fix. I will put a new Neutrik connector on, if you want it.


I considered a recable, but the original cable is quite nice and soft so I kept it, despite the flay with the strainrelief.


I can ship worldwide but would prefer shipping in the EU.


Any questions, please mail me on techtrino at gmail dot com - for some reason not all PMs seem to trigger an email alert so...

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is it hard to drive?

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You find a lot of opinions on this. Generally I dont think so, they can be a bit fuzzy with some tube amps which just seems to give bad synergy, but I have used them out of my laptop with good results, but of course they scale well

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