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Depends on what you are looking for. The dt880 has better clarity, but hd660 is more involving and more fun to listen to.

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My roommate had a pair of dt880s 250ohm and my good bud had hd600s so I've become quite familiar with their sounds. Overall, I'd say that the hd600s beat the dt880s in almost every way (especially when amp'ed well). The neutrality of the hd600s is great and if you get a nice tube amp like the bottlehead crack, it'll sounds absolutely blissful.


I'm familiar with both also, and the 600 is not neutral. It might be balanced, in terms of no part of the FR predominating, but it's not neutral. I sold both 600 and, later, 650 in favour of the 880 Pro, which I consider superior to both for classical/orchestral. I have no opinion on their suitability for other types of music.

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