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Been lurking here on and off since 2010 and haven't really kept up with anything audio. Main reason for having an interest in a amp/dac setup is that my onboard audio is trash, new motherboard so I thought it would be better than my old pc but no, I can still hear HDD's spin and electrical interference.


Anyways back when I made my account, there was a lot of love for the O2 and Schiit Magni/Modi stack, which I think are perfect for my budget at around $200. Since I'm on the budget of a student and I'll have a bit of spending money in a month or so, I would like to know if the ones I suggested are an okay buy or is there something better? Seeing how the techlonogy moves along quickly, is there an updated setup that's better at the same price or are those still the best buy at my price range? Also, I think I'd prefer something that's solid state since a lot of people say that it's the most neutral sounding, compared to a tube amp. As for headphones, I'll mostly be using Sennheiser HD280 or Beyerdynamic DT770 80Ohm pretty much all the time when I'm on my PC since I don't use speakers.


Future headphones will probably be something also $200 and below, since my current ones are 5 and 4 years old. Similar driver size as DT770 50mm+, closed or open, all arounder since headphones are all I use, and preferebly durable. My current pairs have been dropped countless times over the years from my desk, kids in the house, me being careless, etc.


HiFiMan HE-300, Audio Technica ATH-AD900X, AKG K550, SoundMagic HP100, Grado SR225i(G cup?), or anything else that you guys can suggest at my price range that also fits my needs. I've taken a look at the Sennheiser variants at the $200 range and they seem too plasticky and I'm worried about durability since my DT770's have cracks in the plastic between the headband and driver. Though the HD280's are about 95% plastic construction and they're just like new, besides the cups and headband so who knows. Off topic from my amp/dac questions but I thought it'd be better to put it all in the same post instead of making another one. Thanks.

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