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New and Looking to Replace Old Headphones

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Hello everyone! I've been lurking on the forums for a month now, using guides like Mad Lust Envy's and other people's threads to try and find a great replacement for my old headphones. Back in 2005 I bought some Sennheiser PC 150 headset/headphones and I was very, very happy with the purchase. I had no clue how much better it made music and gaming sound especially paired with a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card but unfortunately the headphones broke 2 years later and I was heartbroken. I've used a 5.1 speaker system since then but now I can no longer use a speaker setup for noise reasons and I was hoping that Head-Fi would be able to help me out.


I'd be using the replacement headphones for listening to video game music, like what is played on GFTO Awesomeness, being immersed in games like Skyrim, playing emulators like N64 and playstation, watching Netflix and sometimes playing FPSs like Red Orchestra 2/ Rising Storm.


I've been looking at the Philips fidelio x1, read great things about it but a couple questions come to mind. Do I have to buy a sound card and get an amp like the Schiit Magni to be able to enjoy these headphones? Would just a sound card be enough? Is the sound difference huge with a sound card and amp compared to just a sound card? If I were to get a sound card, I hear the Xonar DX would be a good card to pair the headphones with or is there something better? Are my needs not right for the Philips Fidelio X1?


Thank you for taking your time to help me out. I really appreciate all the advice you guys can give me.

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The x1 definitely do not need an amp. They won't benefit from an amp as much as other headphones since they were designed for the regular consumer. The only thing you'll need for them is a new cable with a lower impedance.


As for soundcards, you need a soundcard that can take 5.1 signals and convert it to a stereo signal specifically for headphones. Dolby headphone is one of those technologies, though there seems to be more people here that prefer cmss 3d headphone. Many people like the immersion it brings, but of course, there will be some that'll tell you theyre useless since they prefer plain stereo. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide.


You should post in this thread, they can help you out much more than i can regarding soundcards and pc gaming audio in general.


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As b0000, above me has said the only thing you'll need to get should be a new cable but an amp can help any phone, though some more than others and a cheap FiiO will do fine if you really want an amp. If I may add, another great option are the HD 598's- their sound signature is different than that of the X1's, which are a bit bassy yet balanced while the 598's are mid-centric but relatively flat and neutral.


A great thing of the 598's is that they have a bigger soundstage, which is why they are noted for their prominent use in gaming. I only wanted to note the 598's as you had some Senn's and you loved them, so a 598 would be a more refined, tighter more musical extension of that.


Best of luck! :D

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Is there a specific cable I should get or would any lower impedance cable work?

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