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So  you mean when stressed out music sounds bad. Correct?  And in those times, the pulse is high?  So when the pulse is high, or in state of anxiety, people are not in state of acute perception of sound to hear a good represenation of the music?


I really want some studies done one this with medical equipment hooked up.  It would reveal so many things.


it's probably not been done, because there isn't any real commercial application currently for that data.  be patient...neuroscience is growing huge and at some point someone will do that study.  it's possible it has been done but if so it's likely buried in an obscure journal that only the med students among us can access

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Originally Posted by SilverEars View Post

Anybody do any studies on this?  Using such variables such as sleep/rest duration/tiredness or when in depressed mood or in best mood, and etc..  Are there any published articles?

I imagine this has been studied, though I can't point you to any specifics. All you have to do is put on an album you like, pour a nice alcoholic drink (or your drug of choice), and see how the music quality seems to change over the next half hour. For many people it gets better, then better still, then eventually worse. biggrin.gif

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even if you may not hear any audible impact through the speakers when using a power amp on a dirty mains, any resulting physical transformer vibration & hum in the background can be seriously irritating!

Sure, but hum and other noises are easily noticed. The notion that "dirty power" makes music sound worse in a subliminal manner is incorrect.

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When one takes into account the ideal humidity level and barometric pressure reading for an optimal listening environment...no, I'm just fooling.


It's all about my emotional state.  Although, stress, lack of sleep, seasonal allergies, and too much caffeine can have an impact on my tinnitus, causing the ringing to be more prominent.  Alcohol can also impact my tinnitus, but this is usually not a factor as my emotional state is typically drastically improved with a few good stouts or imperial IPAs.


I love those moments when the beauty of a song moves me.  This can happen at the office in the middle of the afternoon, or at home on the weekend.  I have distinct memories of when I was completely pulled in by a certain song or album, and these moments were not necessarily the first time I ever heard these songs, but the first time I felt something special about them.   It's those moments that keep me coming back for more, and a major reason why I consider music to be an important part of my life.



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My recent listing sessions with some fantasic headhones don't line-up with what's been discussed here, I recently realized that good headphones breaks these perception inconsistancy.  I personally think people have a bit of bias here.  Just because someone thinks their views are objective doesn't make it objective.  Objectivist's actions are quite subjective in my perception.  ;)  There is a bias of wanting something to be true either way.

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This is true. Not sure if it's the lack of ambient sounds, being tired, something with the power lines (maybe less use causes some effect) or what but night time is a good time to listen.

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Maybe it's because some nights you're drunker than on other nights.
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My romantic partner (female) suggested that maybe if you're tired, you enjoy the relaxation that much more because it's the balm when it is needed.
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