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For Trade:
FT: Two pairs (4 total) GE 19J6 tubes

Will Ship To: USA

For trade only.  From my stash I've got two pairs of 19J6's from GE.  I do not have a tube tester, but these were tested when I purchased them and have been stored and handled with care.  I did plug these into my SSH and they all lit up fine.  Why am I trading these hard to find tubes?  Because I'm listening to my stereo more than headphones and even after trading I'll have more 19J6s left than I'll ever burn through (in fact I'm still using my original pair of RCAs).


Here's what I'm interested in:

-tubes (would love a nice Siemens 12AT7, but NOS anything might be interesting, power tubes too)

-transformers (currently hunting for a 400V CT or 200V with heater windings, also output transformers of various impedance)

-unique DIY stuff (upcoming tonearm rewire project, tube amp bits or bobs, cool enclosures)

-projects? (interconnects, a nice LOD, etc)


I want these to go back to a starving student (like I was when I built the amp), so I'm not selling at this point.  Just trades and USA only.


BTW, good to see the site is thriving!  I'm usually on these days where the voltage is a little higher.


edit: Oh yeah, one is in a RCA box instead of GE.

edit again: Could have sworn I did have feedback on Head-Fi at one point, before all the new forum GUI fanciness.  Just let me know what I can do to prove I'm legit if needed.


Edit: Traded for some sweet preamp tubes.  Thank you, Roger!

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