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Hey I've been researching some good headphones to buy. Keep in mind I'm not an audiophile, and I listen to a wide variety of music; Alternative, Rap, Dubstep/Electro, and a little bit of rock. I want headphones capable of some good bass that you can feel, and some nice clean highs and mids. I want a pair of headphones I can wear and look stylish, without having terrible headphones like Beats. I am open to On Ear and Over ear, but I don't want too much sound leakage, and I want good passive noise-cancelling. The cost can vary but not too far above the range of $300. I want quality headphones; Durability is of course a given quality I want, along with comfort, compactness, style, and of course sound quality. I also enjoy qualities like in line mics and controls, wireless capabilities, and removable cables. Furthermore, I would like headphones that do not need any sort of amplifier, just directly from a 3.5 mm jack on my iPod or computer.


I've been looking into a few pairs of headphones including:

Sennheiser Momentum (Both on ear and Over Ear) - Love the style and hear great things about quality, also like the in-line mic and controls.

ATH-M50X - Awesome Compact folding, hear excellent things about comfort and sound quality for such a great price. However, there is no in-line mic/control.

ATH-WS99 - The quality seems amazing and I'm a big fan of heavy bass sound with good clarity.

Crossfade M-100 - The Style is awesome, and the customizable plates make it great too. I've also heard awesome reviews on the sound quality.



                                      THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY HEADPHONES I WANT FEEDBACK ON. 

                              Please leave suggestions on other headphones that fit the characteristics I want too.

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