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For Sale: Schiit Gungnir (w/ USBgen2) - MINT

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For Sale:
Schiit Gungnir (w/ USBgen2) - MINT

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling this gear on behalf of a local head-fi’er and friend:


For sale is a MINT condition Schiit Audio Gungnir DAC with USBgen2. Bought in Summer 2013 directly from Schiit, with 4 years warranty remaining. Has 200+ hours on it, sounds gorgeous. Taken extremely good care of in a smoke free/pet free home. Selling because of more space and changed focus to speaker audio rather than headfi.


Also for sale, which can be sold as a packaged deal, is a MINT condition Schiit Audio Mjolnir. Same situation as the Gungnir, and can be sold as stack together. Will include the XLR (PYST) interconnects if purchased as a stack.


Price: Gungnir (standalone) - $800

Gungnir/Mjolnir (stack) w/ PYST cables - $1500


Prices are negotiable, but no low-ball offers please. Seller will ship free via FedEx, but buyer pays PP fee. PM for questions/interest.

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Although it's not your Gungnir, have you tried it with your Soloist?  If so, how does it compare to the Bifrost?

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Yes, I did get a chance to play with the Gungnir for a couple of weeks at one point. The sound signature between the two are similar, but as you will read in so many reviews, everything is enhanced, some areas more considerably than others. It's definitely worth the price for the Gungnir, even when going single ended into the Burson.
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Why are you selling the DAC to move to speaker.  Couldn't you still use the DAC with a speaker setup?

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One word: upgrade :cool:

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$650 offer.

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