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Can this change the MDR-E888 or the MX500 to an Ety? hehehe just a thought
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Here's an excerpt from the website:

"SlicSound is a unique add-on device that dramatically improves the sound quality of in-ear headphones and ear pieces for personal audio products including music players, hands-free mobile phones or handheld computer games."

Created by audiologists - professionals concerned with the medical and scientific study of the ear and hearing - SlicSound significantly improves the sonic range and performance of all in-ear headphones and ear-pieces by directing incoming sound correctly into the aural cavity.
SlicSound, which fits all standard types and sizes of in-ear headphones, is acoustically engineered to work like an equaliser, making listening sources clearer and fuller, whilst retaining dynamic range.
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I read your post and got a set of these (I whont say thier name because members take the heat. Even though they never heard them. I guess they think 15.00 can not be that good) Anyway my sennheiser mx500 earbuds wouldnot stay put in my ears and were a real pain to use so I just stoped useing them. I thought of your post and whent through a lot of trouble to get these. I think that they are really really great. Now my mx500 stay in my ears and are very comft. and the sound is fantastic. Way better than without them. I did a post about them and the members beat up on me and belittled me and acused me of being a shill, a salesmen for them. So I dont talk about them anymore. Because of the great sound I thought that there might be something even better. You know how we are about upgrading, but I thought about upgrading because of the great improvement of the sound that these made. I got the etys er6 but didnot like them. So I ordered the stax SR001mk11 and will have them by this wen. I would like to thank you for leading me to the sl--------. because now I will have the best earspeakers that I can get. Thanks for improving my portable mode. Now when I take my dog to the park and get out my md and play pink floyd and WOW
I use a total airhead with these
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