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Hi all, 


As the title says, I am trying to decide between:



or a pair of customers


My plan was to go with a pair of Shure 535s as i enjoyed the sound, but they did not fit at all.


I'm trying to find clear mid/highs (i absolutely cannot stand "veiled"/bass focused) that still has a pretty decent bass punch, and isolates very well.


So going for either a pair of Stagedivers (2 or 3) or just go straight for a pair of customs.


However I have never owned a pair of customs, so I am not sure what to expect from them.



So my questions is simply:

 - Can anyone tell me if the SD2/3s are towards the darker signature of sound (i.e. Shure 215) or if they are more balanced?

 - Am I being silly for not going straight for a pair of customs given the price is the same


Thankful for any input.




- Edit: Misspelled a few words