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I'm new to High Fi audio  my prior headset was a Logitech G930 I just setup the Beyerdynamic Headzone Game 5.1 Surround Sound Amplifier & MMX300 Headphones Gaming System with a Creative Labs SBX


So its setup


Creative Labs SBX  via Optical to Headzone Amp


Headset is connected to Front Jack on Amp 


Mic is connected to Mic on Soundcard.


Now when I look at the Amp it shows Input Format PCM Stereo


If I change to DTS or Dolby Live in Creative Software it says  "To enable Dolby Digital Live, Playing of Stereo mix to digital output will be turned off"


Now I also don't know what I should be using PCM or Dolby Digital Live/DTS?


Any help/Advice is appreciated