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£150 IEM's

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Hi guys,

My VSonic GR07's have recently showed signs of immanent failure so it is time for me to try a change.

I have £150 ($250ish?) to spend but have been out of the earphone loop recently.

Looks do not matter at all but if there is an iPhone call answering feature included that would be very nice but not essential.

I listen to tech/deep house primarily and love a wide soundstage. Good bass is an obvious requirement but I don't want it to be the dominating feature.

I recently tried some Onkyo IE-CTI300 but found them quite heavy in my ears so sent them back.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.
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You should consider DUNU DN1000


Best Luck!

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Hey, you should try out the Martin Logan Mikro 70. Love the soundstage that thing. (doesn't fit everyone perfectly) ( it fits in my ears but not everyones)

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Thanks for the recommendations guys.

Will definately check them out.

Really like the Dunu's but am a bit concerned with the weight of them.
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