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For Sale:
Dynalo (Sigma22+Joshua Tree)

Will Ship To: EU

A Dynalo amp for sale. Powered by a Sigma22 power supply. Volume controlled by a back panel mounted relay based attenuator with 128 steps.


Possible to use as a high quality passive preamp with the signal just passing through the relay board and then onto your fancy power amp. Like more gain? Flip a toggle on the back and join the Dynalo circuit into the mix that will add 11dB of gain. Handy for controlling active desktop monitors as well.


The sound? I compared it with a Beta22, which had a slight edge in details and soundstage but was immensely less likeable. Meaning this isn't a monitoring amp and I wouldn't go calling it perfectly neutral. The quad matched low-noise Toshiba FETs make the sound a little tubey, but never too sleepy. This guy can play Rage Against the Machine perfectly. Even on HD650ies. Nil ear fatigue or transistor sound.


The whole circuit is DC coupled, no caps in the signal path. Hand dialed in for ~3mV DC drift when warm and zeroed in with servo circuits. Hate servos? Rip out the opamps. Just don't blame if some rouge DAC output fries your headphones. I'd leave the servo in just for safety reasons.


Believe in wires? I've got you covered - all signal wiring is done by silver plated copper. I don't believe in wires, but I also hate soldering CAT5.


Thanks for checking out!

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