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For Sale:
Red Rock Audio Black Powder Interconnects 1 meter

Will Ship To: USA

FS: Pair of 1 meter used Red Rock Audio "Black Powder" Interconnects. Perfect condition. 
Asking $45 pair plus $6 shipping. I have 2 pair, both 40" long. US only



The unique performance characteristics of these cables can best be described as unimpeding the signal with no additive effects. Compared to many cables these have astonishing dynamics, freedom from glare or hardness, a uniform spectral balance (not bright or dark), bass depth and resolution, high frequency extension and speed, excellent rhythm and pace, and an extremely low noise floor.

The performance of Red Rock Interconnects is realized by: 
• Reductions of eddy currents through the use of a radial electromagnetic wave guide path with a resistive interface to the shield. 
• Reduction of electromechanical noise generation by using a granular media for mechanical dampening of the conductive media. 
• Reduction of phase distortions by decreasing the skin depth effect of the conductive media. 
• Reduction of stored energy by the rapid dampening as mentioned above and by the use of Teflon‚ as the dielectric. 
• Increased power factor of the transmitted signal by increasing the cross-sectional area of the electromagnetic wave guide path.

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