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For Sale: Odd Stuff: Sony DAT TCD D8

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For Sale:
Odd Stuff: Sony DAT TCD D8

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling this D8 in perfect working condition. Does not have a power supply, but working with 4 AA batteries gives it 7 hours of operating time. Works flawlessly with recording, playback and even as a DAC, if you can make one optical cable using their special 7 pin connector. ( can be found on ebay, I only DIYed one cable but I am keeping it for my another D8)


guaranteed working, can upload videos on youtube before shipping as a proof. Please refer to my trading history for reference. Only paypal plz.


I am not sure if this machine is popular at all in this community, But the sound quality of it surprised the hell out of me, expect for some hiss during playback( but bearly noticeable with HD580, and it makes hd580 sound so life-like. 


Only reason for selling is that I have too many DAT machines...If you are willing to take a step into the DAT world, I doubt you would ever go back to those sub $1000 portable players. 


Of course some knowledge of the DAT machines is required..I want to find this gear a good home, someone would take good care of this wonderful masterpiece of machine..


FYI, back in the days this item's MSRP is $899. in the 90s...


Also sony ECR500 electric headphone in the background, PM if you are interested, do not know if I wanted to sell it or not...still thinking

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