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Can't get the hang of IEMs!

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Currently using Sony MH1C.

I see people walking around, on the subway, jogging, etc. with IEMs and I just don't get it.

No matter what I do, my earbuds pop out, constantly need adjustment, are uncomfortable, etc. My MH1Cs came with a tube of 4 or 5 different sized rubber plugs, and I've experimented and found the best size, but I still can't make it work.

Also, I find this extremely annoying: everytime the cord rubs against your clothing or bumps into anything, you get a loud, bassy thump or rubbing sound that reverberates through the IEM. Is this avoidable?

Is this just my Sonys, is there a better IEM out there in terms of comfort and staying in my ear better, with less external acoustic interference?
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Its just the MH1C, the cable is horrible. Look at IEMs that loop around your ear such as the vsonic vsd1. Good sound, good comfort and good microphonics. Btw if you have the shirt clip that was included with the MH1C then try that for a bit, it should help the problem of it falling out of your ears.

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Thanks. So this cable causes a lot of the thumping and reverberation vs. better cabled IEMs? I feel this cable also lacks flexibility. If the ribbon pulls laterally the wrong way, it'll tend to yank the earbuds out of your ear.

Good to know.
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I have a pair of the Westone W4r's and they certainly don't pop out, quite the opposite. My issue so far with them is that the best sounding tips start to hurt my ears after  a short time. 

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My shure se535`s actually force themselves in my ears!, If i insert them shallowly they try and twist into my ear, perfect fit everytime, great seal, use foam tips maybe, round silicone tips have issues in my ears too, oval tips work well too if you find foam uncomfortable, try klipsch tips, shure olives or comply.

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try these


they have tips for every kind of IEMS

they are foam & are custom to each ear,


i use them & they defiantly stay put.

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I don't have any personal experience with them, but I've heard nothing but praise about the Decibullz molds ( Basically you put them in water and microwave them for two minutes, then put them in your ear and they form a custom mold. Comfort is supposed to be phenomenal, though I myself am curious about the isolation.

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