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Just traveled from KSA to Virginia and listened to them ( HP50)through airports and on the plane. At one point the earphone cups were hot I guess from me falling asleep with them but that was me having slept on the plane for 5 hours. Listening to them with the E12 DIY amp makes a big difference on sound signature. The amp made it for me on the HP50's . I also had with me a set of IEM's from Shure ( SE215) but the sound was small if that makes sense. so couldn't compare. Every once in while still like people have said here I would pick up the creaking sound of the design of the HP50's. I must not pay attention to that detail as much. I agree with Skyfall on his comment .. trust no one but only your ear . good way of putting it.


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Originally Posted by Francki Conniff View Post

If you purchase the FiiO X5 let me know how they are with the HP50's .. I'm about to set myself for long trips with this type of rig and particularly with some of the recordings you tested it with ( be it classical ,rock, blues, jazz etc..) . I also have some IEM's from Shure which are subpar but work for what I do with them currently. Kudos for your nice review. I almost bought the momentums too here in the KSA.


When I had HP50 I paired it with X5. Dunno know if you still want the impression about this pairings but to me it sounds pretty good. A little off topic here, X5 has good amount of bass and a little less smoother highs to sensitive bright headphones like HE400. But overall I'm satisfy with this DAP.. better than DX90 i used to own too. Read my other post.

HP50 sounds a little mellow due to rolled off on highs and slight mid bumps and to pair it with X5 with will soften up those highs a bit. Sound stage also noticeably bigger.Instrument separations not so much.

Btw, I found my long lost romance headphone and I'm falling in love with it.



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