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V Moda m100 for Rock?

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will the m100 go well with rock? (indie, alternative, etc.)

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Mine sound 'fun' for rock. But I wouldn't say ideal.
They have nice punchy bass and crunchy highs but you lose out on the mids, which for me loses that texture and grit of rock.
Some people say grado for rock but I find their lack of bass to be too much of a detractor for rock, I much prefer them for acoustic guitar etc.

Do yeah bottom line, they do fine, but not the last word for rock, but I find my m100s to be fairly good in most genres, for a fun closed headphone.
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As a reference my favorite headphone for rock was the alpha dog. Followed by its rough around the edges grand pappy the mad dog 3.2.
In fact I am in 2 minds at the moment whether to part with my m100s and go back to the mad dogs.
Can't beat them bang for buck
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If you like bass maybe. I think it's too much.


Are these meant to be portable?


If not, try one of the Grados, probably 60i with L-cushions that you can always tape mod to bring up the bass.


If yes, look at SRH840 and consider the foam headband mod.

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