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Need IEM Recommendations!

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I've been lurking around here and wanting to take the jump into high end IEM's for a while now, but never did. However, I really am now. I had made this account and then never asked for help, but I am simply getting tired of the poor performance of the earbuds you find at Wal-Mart.


I would LIKE to stay under $150, simply because I am a Student, and I really don't want to go over that right now.


I need something sturdy. I pop in my my 'phones when I go to sleep to listen to music. It will be put onto my end table for a while, it will go into my pocket, etc. I need them to be able to take a small beating without breaking. In no way am I saying I am hard on my stuff or that it will be tossed around, but because of my lifestyle they can't be super fragile, and need to be able to take daily wear and tear like a champ.


They CAN NOT LEAK MUCH SOUND! I listen to music that some people may be offended by, and I listen in public at high volumes all the time. I'm not hiding anything, but I don't want to be responsible for parent's being offended their kids sitting next to me in the waiting room are hearing things they shouldn't, and while my mom knows what I listen to, she doesn't want to hear it herself, so not leaking is very important to me.


I would love for them to be super comfortable! These will be worn for hours at a time!

Looks do not matter at all.


Isolation isn't an super must since I listen at high volumes anyway, but it's a plus for sure.


Stock tips don't matter; I will be purchasing some premium ones with them. I'm thinking maybe Tri-Flange? Any advice on tips would be great too. A place up the road makes custom tips too.


It will be used with my Android phone, PS VITA, Laptop, and iPod.


I don't fully understand all the lingo, so instead, I will simply list some of the routine artists I listen to to get a rough feel for the profile I would need...

Hollywood Undead

Katy Perry
Bring Me The Horizon


Linkin Park

3 Days Grace

Epic Rap Battles of History

The Ghost Inside

Comedy Shows recordings

I know, I know, bad music taste :-)



Also, 2 of the ones I've been really looking at are the Rockit Sounds R-50 and the VSONIC GR07. And maybe a Senheiser(?)


It doesn't matter about having to buy instore or online.

Thanks for all the help!

~Dillon Nelson

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Try out this website. The link I included is to a search result for >$150 IEMs. It's up to look at reviews to see if they have the right sound signature for what you listen to.


The Rock-It Sounds R-50 that you mentioned are listed in high regard on that site in your price range.

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Shure SE115m definitely. My favorite under $130-ish on amazon. Has a quality driver (same or better than the newer SE215, ironically), and has an integrated remote for your android phone/laptop. Good for your type of music because it's bass-heavy. 


The SE115m's are very comfy (more comfortable than the SE215, not to hate on the SE215 too much) and LEAK NO SOUND, like most true IEM's. 


They're pretty sturdy, and if not, Shure has top notch customer service with a 2 year warranty. I've been upgraded for free from a broken SCL4 to  SE425 :D

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I have Audio-Techinica CKM55's. They'll cost you about $70 and sound phenomenal. If you live near a Best Buy with Magnolia, you can pick it up there in the store. 

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DragonZeanse: Would it also be good for music that doens't have much bass? I listen to a lot of Pagan and Celtic music since I'm Pagan which, clearly has little to no true bass. I also listen to a few bands that use little instruments, or that go from parts with almost no music but a lot of singing to almost no singing but heavy instruments, with no gradual incline. Could the Rockits handle the sudden change and non bass filled songs?


Gradofan1: I'll look into those as well.


NotaLefty: How much do they leak?

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Not at all.

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They durable?

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Yup. They've got a removable cable, so if something ever happens to it, you can replace it. Also, I paid $15 extra to get 4 years of insurance on them. Pretty good deal in my opinion. 

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And they sound good?

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They sound great. Large sound stage, deep bass, crisp sound. Best IEMs I've ever used. Also the highest end ones I've used. Don't have much experience with them.

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You do have the 14/28 day return policy if you do go with Best Buy/Magnolia

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I say Martin Logan Mikros 70 are worth trying out. only 86 bucks or something on Amazon

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