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For Sale:
SOLD!: Locus Design Group "Essentia" USB cable

Will Ship To: UK only please

Hi! I'm contemplating selling my Locus Design's Essentia USB cable - but only because I've recently moved house and am desperate for money... This is an awesome cable and the chances of getting another are almost exactly zero!


This was one of the last cables ever made by Locus Design Group founder / operator / mastermind Lee Weiland. Sadly he died about the time this cable landed in the UK. So, it is with very mixed feelings that I advertise it.


This cable would be offered strictly to UK buyers only since it is very expensive for us to buy American products, what with 20% tax + customs + shipping, etc, and it's not fair for a fellow Brit to buy it (or a similar cable) back from the states and have to incur those charges again! Also, a very limited number of Locus Design Group cables ever reached this country.


Please PM me if you are interested and include the price you are willing to pay since that will probably determine whether I decide to sell this cable or not. I can provide photo's but am just in a bit of a rush as I type this! This Locus Design Group "Essentia" cable had a price tag of a thousand pounds, and I would like to get at least half of that back please.


I am the first and only owner of this cable and I have looked after it very well.



Thanks for your interest.