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Impressions of Sony XBA H3 IEM

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First and fore most, I have never wrote or posted reviews on any products. So please take it easy on me?:beyersmile:


Let me briefly introduce myself.....I'm a music manic (hehehe) I love sound. I love quality when it comes to music...and oh, I can listened to music for 5-10 hours at a time!! Sometimes I'm worrying I might go deaf sooner than later :basshead:


About 2.5 weeks ago, I've ordered a Sony XBA H3 directly from Japan and I just received it 4 days ago. I was like a proud kid with a new toy...excitement and my blood was flowing faster than normal when I unboxed the thing. Cant wait to put that thing in my ears.

My main music player is an Sony NWZ F807. It is a Hi-Res Audio DAC/DAB  and it is a 64Gig. Let me quickly tell you about this music player. It beats the latest ipod in every dimensions. The sound quality coming out of this Sony F807 put the ipod into submission..shame...lame. yes, all the negatives. I used to owned an ipod 5th gen. but were happily sold it. Thanked God for that!!


When I fired up the music player and pressed played, I had this massive smile on my face. The song played were Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson in Flac 24bit 96Khz. Michael's voice sounded so ridiculously clear. The Sony XBA H3 portrayed the singers voices forward...in front of you and slightly elevated. Each individual instruments being played out plus other minute subtle background instruments that I never heard before from an EX1000 which I have for over 9 months.


The Sony XBA H3 is no way a bright IEM despite it can go all the way to 40Khz as per spec. which is a good thing  for me because it can caused fatigued over long listening sessions. No doubt the Sony XBA H3 is capable of punching out super sweet bass. The bass is a lot more controlled and articulated compared to the EX1000. If you are a bass-head than this might not suited you:D 

One thing I've noticed about this XBA H3's bass is that it's fuller, impactful, dense and well extended to the lows. I just love the Mids coming out of this unit...exceptionally sweet.  Again, the bass does not interfered with the Mids and that's a good thing people!


From the designs and ergonomics perspective, the sony XBA H3 looks massive, huge which implies heavy unit to wear right? Well, that's what I initially thought too. But upon holding it, it's light as feather...honestly.  Wearing it, very comfortable but lack some noise isolations. That same goes to the EX1000 as well. I used the hybrid ear tips with foam and provided noise isolations somewhat.

I much preferred the EX1000's hard carry case over the XBA H3's soft leather carry case. Maybe this comes down to individual's preference? Oh, but I love the All New Red/Black cabling. Somewhat it gives that 'attention' when you out and about:L3000:

So, to sum it up, if you were to asked me is the new XBA H3 are an revolution from the good old EX1000? I would say it is an evolution of the EX1000. It is a completely a different beast. However, it is a revolution from the XBA 4.

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Quite good review, im a owner of an ex600, and ive seen the h3 as an upgrade
Does the h3 hits as deep as your ex1000?
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Have you used the TF10s before? How does it compare?
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