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Fitear f111 vs 334

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Hi anyone can tell me their differences? I heard 111 is a baby 334 smily_headphones1.gif
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The F111 is flatter in frequency response. It doesn't come close the the bass quantity, slam and rumble of the tg334. The tg334 is known for its deep and engrossing midrange and this is where the F111 shares a bit of similarity, it's just more reserved, not as lush. The F111 treble is a lot more totally accurate with better sparkle.

The f111 is a single driver homage to the er-4s that while in the area of neutrality, is a different sounding iem. It is very easy and comfortable to wear. The tg334 is a 4 driver iem- it's fairly bulky yet still comfortable to wear.

So if you want a more neutral, non-fatiguing iem the f111 is for you. If you want a bassier, lusher, more engrossing but colored experience, the tg334 is for you. That's my down and dirty explanation. Hope it helps. Be sure and check out their respective appreciation threads.
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Ok! Thank you! smily_headphones1.gif anyone else has opinions?
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What shotgun has said is a great recap, doubt you can find a better summary .
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Do you guys think the f111 is worth the price? I think it is
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For me it was but er4s is still unique for what t does and f111 doesn't really sound the same.
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How about f111 on its own. Bot considering that it is a tribute to er4s
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For your question F111 VS TG334:


f111 is a good iem in his price bracket, but i could not find any advantage on f111 if it should be compared with TG334.. 


Soundstage, bass, mid, treble, layering, all the joy of technicalities and enjoyment of listening will go to TG334..


the reason i will consider f111 rather than TG334 only because f111 is cheaper.



For your question is F111 worth to buy:


Yes, but if you are an ER4P/S/B lovers, than F111 will too soft.


but if you are not, F111 nowadays have a strong contender like Stagedriver SD2 (for more lushy sound) or SM64 (for monitoring purpose)..

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The F111 is like the warmer version of the ER4. So you can expected limited soundstage(though much better than ER4 series) and not so appealing low end. The resolution and separation on these are actually very good.

The Togo334 is the universal version of the MH334 CIEM by Suyama hearing aid. They are very balanced pair of headphones. The sound signature is warm and forward. I personally think they are one of the best IEMs on the market.

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I have booth 111 and 334, well they booth has a fitear soundsig, dark background and warm.
334 has a lush mid than 111.
111 has a great ambience.
334 more complete technicality than 111, lush mid, more powerfull bass, good ambience and detail.
111 like a mature version of ER4P.
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My grain of salt: I haven't heard the 334, was about to pull the trigger on one a couple of weeks ago but hesitated due to some reviews of it being "bassy"

I have being looking for for a good iem for causal listening and maybe in the future purchase a reference one (angie, kaiser 10U, etc..)

Decided to pull the trigger on a new f11, purchased to price japan, and don't regret it.


The first thing I thought when I plugged them to my explorer2 was: "baby lcd-xs" (no thinking, came out of the blue)


Comfort: Second to none, I use them with ortofon large eartips, great seal and very soft.

Bass: The right amount for my taste, enough slam and presence - like a discrete frame in a nice painting

Mids: Excellent, lushier than etys in my opinion, not dry at all, great separation and ambience

Highs: Again just in the middle, not strident or sparky


I have tried them with iphone 6 and explorer2 dac amp using a imac and audirvana + as source.


For what I hear, I can expect that the performance will be fantastic with RWAK240+ and BTG balanced cable. There is the possibility they will become my refrence IEM

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For me i have owned the tf334 and the f111 and if you are thinking about going with the f111 look into the erymotic er4.
The f111 doesnt do a very great job of sealing like the er4 so even though its paying respects to the er4 it comes nowhere near the isolation and the accuracy of the er4 imo whatsoever.

Because it does not provide this isolation it doesnt reproduce the kind of sound quality that the er4 is capable of.

Its a very nice workmanship its a nice earpiece. But when i had then i pretty much never listened to them because i could not get a good seal and even if i did get a "good" seal it was nowhere near the seal that etymotic provides. Etymotic shuts out the world. The f111 just have you that run in the mill isolation and seal.

I was also using sone really good daps and dacs and amps to boot so it was putting out great sound quality. But the islation wasnt there so the accuracy suffered. in the end i sold them.

As for are they worth the money no.

Basicly you are just paying for a name and at the end of the day there are a multitude of reasons why you shouldnt have bought them and why you should have picked a different iem.
just my .02
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