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[Video] ABX Testing 128k AAC

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I was reading about AAC on Wikipedia and I found this intriguing line:


 The MPEG-2 audio tests showed that AAC meets the requirements referred to as "transparent" for the ITU at 128 kbit/s for stereo, and 320 kbit/s for 5.1 audio.


Now I've found a examples of people who have managed to pass ABX tests using 128k AAC files floating around online, but I made a fun video with my friends to do some ABX testing of 128k AAC files.



Obviously the conditions were less than ideal in terms of background noise, but there is some more information in the description of the video about the parameters of the test.


Now after making this video I am really interested in other people's results and particularly in finding particular tracks that 128k AAC does NOT do so well with. I'd love to know if there are any test tracks where not even 256k AAC is enough to achieve a transparent result, and in particular what AAC coding really tends to fail on....

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This is a cool video, I like it a lot. Thanks for posting. As for me, I've came across a few of those online tests, but never passed any of them. I could never really tell the difference. I've actually never done a true ABX. One of these days I'll have to do it.

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