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For Sale:
Interest Check: Technics SL-Q3 with many upgrades and refub'd insides.

Will Ship To: CONUS

Yo dudes and dudettes,


About 6 years ago I purchased this SL-Q3 from a seller on ebay who refurbished vinage electronics (he even tried to wet sand out the surface scratches on the dust cover).  Before my purchased all of the insides were refurbed and it has caused me no problems what-so-ever.


And then 4 years ago I purchased a new Grado Prestige Series Black phono cart for it and that's what has been on it ever since.  Since purchasing my Pro Ject Debut III it has been sitting in a corner collecting dust.  I felt pretty sorry for it, so I upgraded it to a new Grado Green needle and bought a new headshell for it.  The headshell is almost color matched to the body, which was a happy accident.


If anyone is interested in this, please PM me.  I'm not sure if I'd like to sell it, but if anyone is looking to get into vinyl this would be a really great way to get into it.


Took some photos so you all can look at it.  I'm not sure what the price would be, but using ebay auctions as a reference I would put it around $160 + shipping.  Trades are a thing too!  Anything interesting or tubey.


I have the original boxes for the items that I purchased as upgrades as well.

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