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not really needed, gets loud/clear from iPhone.

Very comfortable. The clamp force isnt that tight and it has perfectly supple pads that my whole ear fits inside easily without touching the driver. The top of the headband is equally comfortable. These pads are pretty awesome....they definitely took some thought into making these pads.

Very sturdy build of mostly metal and a very practical construction. Its like a cross between a beyer and a JVC DX700 yet feels more sturdy than both.

The bass seems to have less decay than the dx700. I wouldnt say its as tight as a th600 but close and tighter than the x1(which I will have soon for better comparison). Its definitely satisfactory and it doesn't mingle with the mids.
bass is very tight. A lot tighter than the x1 but also less impact and slightly less satisfying. Its extremely well controlled. Not much of a mid bass hump though. I actually prefer a slight midbass hump for realistic kicks/punches. Very good extension and nice texture. Decent sub sonic resolution. Slightly boosted.

The mids are decent with an upper mid tilt. Thats how I hear it on certain songs because the male vocal sounds a little less full but the mids definitely are not recessed. Not for the vocal purist however.

maybe north of neutral a bit? I still wont call it a bright headphone but its not as dark as most of the t50 mods. Def not as bright as the beyers or th600. Its brighter than the dx700, spirit pro. Its probably a tad darker than the yamaha hph mt220 or right there with it. .
Highs can sound a bit tizzy/splashy and diffuse on some songs and the sibilance is def there. The highs could use a little cleaning up and a bit more refinement.

It doesnt have what I would imagine to be a nice black background. It does have a good amount of space for a closed back but is too resonant to say it sounds open. Its not nearly as cavernous and reverberant as the dx700 and overall has a sharper sound to it. It will sound bigger than most any closed back around 350 thats for sure. Good imaging and instrument separation.


I find it a musically, detailed headphone regardless of it being built for gaming or not. I can wear it for long times and really be engaged by the music I am listening to. I do like it a lot so far though and if I was a gamer that needed a closed back I would have this on my short list. It's a sweet sound and drier than you would expect from such large jvc like cups. Very punchy and enjoyable headphone thats not far off the mark in terms of good balance.
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Hey bro, how would u rate this among all the headphones which you have tried?
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I actually like them a lot. I let another head-fi member try them and they didnt even want to bother because they were uncomfortable to them. Im admitedly a lot less picky.


If I had to sum it up by PREFERENCE I would probably put it like this:




Its detailed above its price bracket but the timbre is off/unnatural and it has some graininess to it. Its bass is slightly above neutral but very tight and when bass boosted on electronic music I find them very enjoyable. Take the AD and add 3db bass, some grain, and make the timbre off a little and you end up at the ARIA. 

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I brought Grizzly's Aria, and I agree with his impressions.


Some female vocals in modern rock/pop/kpop are a bit sibilant/over pronounced. The treble is somewhat elevated too. The bass is tight, controlled and packs a punch. These to me are very very good for trance and edm for the price point. The soundstage and imaging are strong for the price as well (for a closed can).


I'll post a bit more at a later stage. 

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Had these on preorder since March... They've never really sent info on the current state of production either. Considering cancelling the preorder and just getting some Beyerdynamic MMX300s.
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I just finished my full review of the Feenix Aria:  






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