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Microphones Halp!!

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I know this is a headphone website but i could not find any other dealing with audio so ya....... anyway.

I need to know what the best mic is for under 150 thats is good all around.

iIf you guys know a any mic websites that are anything like headfi that would be much appreciated!
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I use Audio Technica Mics for voice overs


The ATR-2500 ,AT 220 are pretty fantastic for the price especially if you are looking for that top-end presence 

I am not a big fan of Blue they just lack the overall spectrum reproduction ,since you did a great job in not mentioning the avail that is all I can give you 

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Im still looking for somthing more upity like mebeh the bluue yeti pro or at2020 :\ has anyone had experince with both?

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