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I've been trying to find a high end pair of IEMs for a while with no luck.



iPhone mic/remote on the cable

I'd like to be able to lie on the side of my head with them in. My previous SE530 could accomplish this.



Comply or shure kind of foam

Detachable cable is a huge bonus

multiple driver

I'd love to try a hybrid

Right angle minijack

Universal IEM


k3003i seems fantastic. Small, triple driver, iPhone remote, but no detachable cables.


se846 also fits. Not a hybrid, but has a unique low pass woofer (or subwoofer?), detachable cables, probably fits as well as the 530, but I really dislike the shure iPhone remote cable. I've tried my friend's 535 and really can not handle such a finicky cable.


The XBA-H3 is perfect on paper, but it's so huge I'd impale my brain trying to lie on the side of my head. Also, the cabling looks way too much like a club lifestyle.


EX1000 is super unique. Dynamic driver only, but seems worth it. Can't find any info on an iPhone remote though.


ASG-2 looks fantastic, but I can't find any info on a cable system with an iPhone remote. 


UE900 looks nice, but is not hybrid, and looks (at least to me) like it might be replaced soon. the cabling is a weird weave, and blue. i'd really only be comfortable with one of those. (the black cable has no iPhone remote)


gr07 looks like it has a great shape, but isn't hybrid, and no iPhone remote. I've read about a gr08, but it's vaporware?


These also all have a relatively clean styling (except the xba-h3). 

They will be driven un-amped by an iPhone or Retina MacBook Pro.

I don't know what else to look at, or if there's a 3rd party cable solution, or anything.

I've had the shure 4c, 530, 535, and a sony xba-bt75.

I like bass, but that seems to not be a problem at all with this crop of IEMs.

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