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Westone W4r ear pieces

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I have been an over the ear guy for most of my life and have only really used a pair of the, ridiculously cheap, Mono earbuds for portability. So recently I had a desire to get some better quality earbuds (for walking in the evening) and happened across the Westone W4r's. I've had them for about two weeks or so and, I can say I really like the sound, but I am having a tough time with the tips that come with it. The initial tips installed on them when you open the box are the black ring memory foam tips, which are mediums, I think. I tried those, and they were a little too large and hurt my ears severely and I got a headache within a few minutes. After that I tried the green ring memory foam tips, thinking that they would solve that, alas, it didn't. I was able to listen longer, but still, after an hour, get headaches and my inner ear hurts. Finally, I tried the green ring and black ring, rubber (?) tips which solved my headache issues, but they just don't sound as good, not as dynamic and highs had a little sibilance.  Has anyone else experienced this, not just with the Westones, but any earbuds and, if so, what suggestions do you have on a good solution?

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You might not be getting a good seal with the tips you're using now. I would suggest you try another kind of tip, like a double or triple flange tip.


Here's a "comfort kit" that includes both the double and triple flange tips: http://www.amazon.com/Comfort-Replacement-Eartips-Westone-Earphones/dp/B00F0W284O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393049503&sr=8-1&keywords=in+ear+flange+tips+westone

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Thanks for the input, I'll look into these
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