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I've had my E17 for about a year now and I refuse to listen to music without it. 


Does the e18 have EQ? if not then it's a no contest, E17 all the way. Although the samsung galaxy has a pretty damn good EQ. soooooo????????


I have Keff in ear and over ear headphones. they are a bit much on the high end for my taste so it's nice to give them a base boost. The in ear has a slightly different sound so I like having the choice. My E17 is falling apart so I am now in the market for a new mobile DAC.


My main listening source is my ipod classic with a LOD cable. 



Does the Fiio even have a competitor at this price range? Seems like no one else has a viable option under $150. 

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I love my E17. I debated myself upgrading to the newer E18 but since money is tight I'm happy with my current setup. Thought I blew an ear drum yesterday listening to music way to loud.

Current setup: Fiio E17, IPod Touch 4th Gen. 64GB, Fiio L9 cable, Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones.
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