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windows 7 system sounds refusing to go through ODAC?!?!

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I just got an 02 amp and ODAC and they both seem to be working fine.  However I have just realised that I have sounds missing in windows 7.  When I go to sounds and click 'test' on any of the sounds, looking at the volume control in the system tray I can see that sound is being played but not through the DAC despite the DAC being set as the default device.  I can play things through media player, winamp, games and they all go through the E-DAC fine, but these sounds for some reason do not.  I can even play the system sound files via winamp and they play fine.  I have been unable to google any solutions or even similar issues.


I am less bothered about system sounds but I run some software as you can see in one of the screenshots, which is also pushing sound through the wrong device and so I am not hearing the alerts that the software sends out.


I have tried disabling the device that it is using and all it does is start pushing that sound through one of the other devices instead as I can see the volume indicators move when the sound is played, so I know which one it is trying to use.  If I disable ALL of them except the E-DAC, it still doesn't play these sounds through the E-DAC, it simply refuses to use it for these sounds.  I have taken some screenshots showing what is going on in the hope someone can shed some light on it.



Clicking 'Test' here shows sound in the volume slider but of a device other than the ODAC


The ODAC is set as the default device and everything else goes through it fine.


This is what it shows when I go to mixer on the ODAC, strangely 'system sounds' is shown here but as above, clicking play on the test button does not push the sound through this device.


This is the device it is pushing the sound through, the application there is MT4 an online trading application which is also not playing and sound via the alerts built into the application, this is how I first noticed it was not working, this app does exactly the same thing as when I try to click 'test' under sounds as per the above.


Here you can clearly see the device on the left has sound going through it, but the device on the right is the ODAC which is what it SHOULD be using to play that sound.


So any ideas what the hell is going on here? It is driving me mad because none of it makes any sense.

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Is the monitor's HDMI audio disabled? (hopefully it is).

Is all audio set to 2-channel, not set to 5.1 surround?

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Ok I think I solved it.  Stupid me for thinking something as simple as disabling a sound device would not require a reboot to work properly.  I went through and disabled every single sound device other than the ODAC, THEN rebooted.  It is now playing those sounds through it ok!!  I did the same thing without rebooting and it had no effect......but did windows tell me I needed to reboot?  Nooooo that would be too clever.

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It's Windows, of course you have to reboot :). Glad you got it figured out.

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