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Mochill, your hype is way to much... Looks like I'll be selling my kc06 and buying kc06a :/
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Originally Posted by steepers View Post

Mochill, your hype is way to much... Looks like I'll be selling my kc06 and buying kc06a :/

don't you know it, lol!


Glad I didn't buy the kc06 yet. I'll wait for extesil's and then I'm probably pulling the trigger.

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where could we possibly order this (KC06A)? it's out of stock in shenzenaudio.

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Initial batch is out everywhere and shenzenaudio only had like 10 units or so. Believe it was penon audio who said likely in June is next time a new batch should be ready.

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It definitely worth having both IMHO because of the different sound signature, just like how the mkii and be from vsonic gr07..thats how it is and I love the new tips that came with them😋
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Well, I ordered from the aliexpress seller a before zhenzenaudio put theirs up. Been stuck with the whole "origin post" message on tracking. Seems like I should have just waited.

Very nice find on the high resolution pictures.

Last final is tomorrow so I'll have plenty of time to compare to the fx850 and pistons, among others. I'll do the pistons mod and recompare also. Just wanted all the new arrivals first.
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First impressions of the KC06A: it has bass!! Hallelujah!
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So just checked the website and they both need 200hrs for full potential 😅
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Yes it does and amazing level of bass😋
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I have to say this is what I was expecting when I heard the kc06. A bigger, deeper low end, a slightly more flushed out mid and dat sparkling high. I like'em already.
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Congratulations everyone, the hype train is back on track.

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Thanks to me 😁😋💕...i love them as much as the ocharaku flat 4 😅
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Scary bass response 😅...listening to phutureprimitive😋
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All this talk about bass... popcorn.gif
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