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IEM for iPhone 5s

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To be clear I listen to all genres of music but when there is bass I wanna feel IT. I want my body to shake, ears to crumble , and eyes rattling under the bass.

Also one that has a upright connector rather than a right angled one. I keep my phone in my pants pocket and the right angled one beaks faster because of the wire bending upwards because it's in my pocket.

Thank you
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Anyone ?
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I use Audio-Techinica CKM55's. It's not lacking in bass at all, definitely seems to be emphasized a bit. It terminates in a 90 degree jack, but the cable is removable so you could just use a different one. 

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Something with mic and control
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Shure SE115m, definitely. Best $100 and has a mic and control, has a lotta bass...

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