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Good Bookshelf 2.0 or 2.1 set up for under $300?

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Just as the tittle says looking for a setup for my desk for under $300.

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Need to supply way more info smily_headphones1.gif

Are you looking for powered speakers, or a passive setup? Do you already have an amplifier or receiver?

What will you use this for? Movies/games/music? What is your priority?

Are there any space limitations for speaker size?

What do you want to hook this up to?

Any expectations for how you want it to sound?

Are you committed to buying it all now, or would you consider getting the speakers now with your current budget and a sub later when you can afford it?
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- umm im not really sure if i would prefer a passive or powered, but I do not have a speaker amplifier so would it make more sense to get a powered set?


- mostly gaming and music, maybe the occasional movie, but music and then gaming second as priorities. 


-  limitations wise im on a 6 foot desk,with up to about a foot on each side of my monitors of desk space


- I will be mostly using my computer for music, I have an odac if that helps.


- as far as sound quality wise im not expecting that much because this is a budget setup, I tend to only use my HE-400s now since I really don't enjoy the Logitech 2.1 set up I have right now. as far as what sound I like. I do enjoy a bit of base, i don't like an over whelming amount. Mids do still mean a lot to me.


- I am perfectly willing to wait and Add on as I go. that is 100% fine with me.

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Awesome! The ODAC. I have one, too smily_headphones1.gif

Since you have plenty of room, the best performance value for your money will be going with either passive speakers and a t-amp or powered studio monitors, then add a sub later. If you go with a computer multimedia speaker setup (Logitech, Creative, Corsair, Edifier, etc.), you'll get tiny driver speakers that have to depend on a subwoofer to produce all the midbass. Larger speakers will have better dynamics as well.

If you have a Guitar Center nearby, they generally have powered studio monitors setup for demo. Not the best place to judge them for ultimate SQ the way that they have them setup, but certainly works to get a sense of how they sound compared to each other. One I would suggest looking into is the JBL LSR 305 currently on sale at Sweetwater for BOGO half off.

If you go passive speakers and t-amp, of course you have more flexibility in building out a system from there later on (e.g., you could go with a receiver and start building a multichannel setup or get it for the built in bass management).
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Awesome, I have a guitar center about 25 miles away, but we also have a place called the exclusive company local here that has a lot of stuff so I may check that out too.

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I'd recommend buying used studio monitors for the best value.

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The problem is used monitors dont come with massive reductions and you have no warranty.  At this budget level you can get pretty good monitors from KRK JBL Fostex Yamaha Mackie Presonus M-Audio ADAM or Behringer (I would not recommend Behringer personally) and get a good warranty period. If you used monitors go bang after 9 months you got no monitors and no money, unlikely you may say but even in the used monitor market you are not going to get a massive step up the ladder.


I would start looking at the ADAM F5's, KRK RP5, KRK RP6 (over budget), M-Audio BX8, Yamaha HS5/7 (the HS7 is over budget), Fostex PM0.5 


I would suggest you look into placement too, you may want to look at front ported design if you are working on a desk with a wall behind.  You may also want to consider isolation pads, some people use books or other things to adjust height placement but if the desk it not sturdy or the correct height, speaker stands or isolation pads can be a good investment.  Something i noticed with the KRK g3 speakers is they have isolation material on the base of the speakers to reduce vibration, I still use iso-pads, its only really useful though if the speakers are at the correct height, and I cant vouch for how good a job it does at reducing vibrations.

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I went through a recent desk audio upgrade myself, and got the Yamaha HS5 powered monitors.  Also got a Behringer Ultracurve DEQ2496 and a Presonus Central Station via eBay, this combination works perfect for both nearfield listening or headphones, depending on time of day.

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