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$150 headphones as comfortable as HD600

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I wonder if any of you have suggestions for a reasonably priced set of headphones that are comparable in comfort albeit perhaps a little worse in sound than the Senn HD600?


At work I've used first a Grado 60 which is now kaput and then some Sennheiser HD 438s.  I don't expect my work phones to be as refined as what I listen to at home but I found both pairs to be uncomfortable for more than an hour.  They press down on my ears (which are rather large), whereas the HD600 surround them comfortably and are thus easier to wear.  I like both the refinement and the open sound of the HD600 but I'd rather not spend that kind of money for a pair to be used and left at work.  Any suggestions for a pair that are comparably comfortable (will surround my ears rather than sit on them), modestly priced (say 100-150 bux) and that are not ultra "bassy" in character. Mostly listen to classical music and jazz.


Thanks for any ideas.

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Takstar HI2050 - Amazing SQ for what they cost (around $30) and very comfortable. It's on the slightly bright side of neutral.
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I have the 650s .....I like the HM5 but the NVX XPT 100 (Same as the HM5) are better as they have less clamping , so for the price the comfort and sound is world class 

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Maybe look into the Goldring DR150. I've read that they're similar to the Senn HD600/650 line but at a budget. Last time I looked, I think someone on the For Sale thread had them on sale for <$100.
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Why are the grados kaput? I've always found them to be pretty comfy, you should be able to bend the headband to reduce pressure.
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Kaput means they're broken, not uncomfortable.
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Perhaps try the Shure SRH 440 or 840. They sounded pretty good for 150 when I compared it to expensive closed headphones such as the B&W P7 which sells for 400.
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As others noted, the Grados are just dead (bad in one channel, static in the other).  However both they and the HD438 never felt right for me.  I tried switching out the Grado pads for the Sennheiser yellow ones and those were an improvement but in the end only a slight one.  I got the 438 cheaply from someone who didn't want them but their comfort isn't adequate.   The pads sat on my ears directly and I dislike that.
What I am looking for is something like the HD600 where the cups and pads fit around your ears without direct contact, but are not some leathery thing that get hot and sweaty.  Hence, velour or velvet are preferable although I'm open to suggestions.  But are all the ones you guys have been recommending designed NOT to sit directly on the ears but around them?  I'm tempted to try Beyer's again even though an old pair were a bit bright (I had some 20 years ago that were at least comfortable.)



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Senn HD558/598 is more comfortable than HD600 and cheaper

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I agree the hd 598 are comfortable AND very good sounding for the price
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Incase sonic. Well balanced, warm signature with a decent sound stage. Insanely comfortable, very durable. Between $88-$200 depending where you look. Plus if you live in a cold area they can act like musical earmuffs.
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I think the Incase headphones have smaller and shallower earcups than the Senns so that they won't cover my ears but rather sit on them.

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HD598s are a great choice +1 to that idea.

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Audio Technica AD700 are as comfy as anything!
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Originally Posted by Aizura View Post

Senn HD558/598 is more comfortable than HD600 and cheaper


My first thought too. That makes +4.

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