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Hello. I recently bought a pair of JH16 custom IEMs. Even though the iPhone 5s plays loud enough, I do find that the sound is a bit tame compared to on my computer when listening with a cheap USB soundcard.


I was wondering, in order for me to fully enjoy my JH16s when out and about or at work, should I:


1. Just get a Fiio E11, because high end gear is just gonna give more placebo effect?

2. Get a higher end Fiio amp

3. Get a Sony PHA-1, because it makes a difference

4. Get a Hifi M8 because great IEMs can only truly shine with the best portable amp?


Money is not an issue, but resource efficiency is - I want the most bang for my buck but I also want that nothing is holding back my JH16s, in other words: I want to hear the sound all the hifi people are talking about.