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Hello! I am a new member here at Head-Fi. I am by no means an audio expert, but I love music and I love collecting headphones and IEMs. Nice to meet you everyone!


My first post would be about a problem that I am having with my two favorite audio products: Sony MDR 1R MK2 and Sony XBA C10. Whenever I listen to music with these two headphones, I get an audible "hiss" that really bothers me. I recently bought a portable amp, NuForce Icon Mobile. I understand that this is an entry level amplifier, but the hiss problem still exists despite the use of the NuForce Amp. What's interesting, however, is the fact that certain headphones such as my Sennheiser Momentum On Ear or the Sony XBA H1 does not have this problem. They work perfectly fine. What are some possible solutions for this issue? I primarily use my Samsung Galaxy S2, 3rd Gen Ipod, and my desktop to listen to music. Thanks!

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