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I've been using my westone 3 for a long while now. I really love how it fits and sounds. I've used a TF10 before that and I really hated the fit and the sound for some reason. Thing is, the cable on my westone 3 looks like it MIGHT give way sometime soon. I've been looking around for an upgrade. I can either

a) Upgrade to a westone 4R. I have a friend willing to sell it to me at a good price. If I sell my westone 3, I could get it with a 120USD top-up.

b) Send my westone 3 for a removable cable mod. I believe BTG-audio does this.

c) Save up further for a westone W30 or W40.

d) Stick with my current westone 3 and do nothing. 

I really don't like to spend. Im still an undergrad, so money is tight. I've had a bad experience with those 2-pin cables. They tend to break off easily and its happened to me twice before. I'm afraid if I get a westone 4R or if I do the cable mod, that would be the problem I will face. I can't express how much I hate the 2-pin cables. A solution would be to get a W30 or W40 instead. The pin looks like the shure type which doesn't break off. Can someone clarify if the cables for the W30/40 interchangeable with shure cables? Is it even worth upgrading? Should I wait for the prices of the W30 to go down?